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Bringing nearly 30 years of experience in virtually every aspect of business with him, Ron Brown is uniquely qualified to understand, relate to, and properly handle the needs of commercial real estate customers. Having been trained in sales by large corporations, managed small and large businesses for others, and been a successful entrepreneur himself, there is a vast amount of experience and knowledge to draw from in order to accomplish his customer’s goals.

Prior to joining MHWRE Ron was General Manager for one of the largest independent used car businesses in South Texas. Daily oversight of Sales and Service and nearly 40 employees, Ron also handled the Lines of Credit and monthly distribution of revenue for the company that had nearly $20 Million in annual sales.

Before arriving in Texas he owned a successful mortgage company in the Denver, CO area for almost a decade. Ron’s company was one of two beta test companies for what was then a brand new concept for mortgage brokers – Desktop Underwriting (DU). This allowed Ron’s company to use the DU system to underwrite loans directly with banks, shortening the time from origination to closing by weeks. The DU system became the default underwriting process throughout the country soon after it was tested.

Ron has owned companies, managed entities both large and small, private and corporate. One such example was early in his career when Ron was a partner in a company that collected a waste product traded on the Chicago Board of Trade. His company collected 200 tons a month of the product, purified it in a natural process, and then sold to wholesalers to be reused in over 175 different products. The company would eventually be bought by a national corporation in order to acquire the proprietary storage and collection process from Ron’s company that included accounts such as Popeye’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, McDonald’s, state entities, and 100’s more of local and regional businesses.

Ron and his wife Deb have lived in Montgomery County for the past ten years. They are active in Sacred Heart Catholic School functions where Deb is Principal. Ron also is the Tournament Director for the school’s annual charity golf tournament. Along with playing golf, Ron enjoys traveling with his wife, and spending quality time with family and friends.

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