Property Management

At MHWRE we provide comprehensive property management services, including reporting, rent collection and budget management, scheduling repairs, maintenance and inspections.

Our specialists work with you to establish and maintain strong tenant relations while proactively implementing cost-effective maintenance plans.

Property Management Services:

  • Energy management solutions
  • Customized accounting and reporting services
  • Emergency contingency planning and implementation
  • Vendor relations, pricing and purchase management
  • Supervision of capital projects and new tenant construction
  • Management of insurance and asset protection
  • Customized security planning, tools and services
  • Leveraging of resources across a portfolio, based on client needs
  • Maintenance, technology and engineering services
  • Tenant relations and retention management
  • Execute seamless transition of property operations

At MHWRE we work together to ensure client satisfaction, cultivate relationships and a professional environment. This is evident through the synergy within our office.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Skilled Analysis
  • Highest Level of Service
  • Creative & Logical Solutions
  • Customized Plans for Each Client
  • 75 Years of Combined Experience
  • Extensive Knowledge of the Market
  • Intelligent, Professional & Energetic Insights

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