Lex Parker

lex parker


Email: lex@mhwre.com

Lex Parker joined MHWRE in the summer of 2017.

Lex grew up in France where he studied Economics and Sociology. Convinced that life improves with hands-on action, in 1994 he returned to the US and began a career in the heavy construction industry: digging tunnels from Canada to Brazil, running heavy equipment fleet management, creating and successfully running an Operations and Logistics department – essentially optimizing the heavy equipment resources and allocations for the statewide company equipment division of a global contractor.

In 2011 he branched off, starting a Houston based Export/Import business with a partnership in Germany and transitioned into Real Estate as early as 2013. Always with a taste for action, Commercial Real Estate quickly became the predominant segment of his business. With proven experience with land and multifamily transactions, research and tenant representation, Lex brings a solid toolbox of demonstrated skills and knowledge to the MHW Real Estate team.

Lex compounds cross-industry knowledge and an appreciation for people with sound vision to create a map for opportunities and deliver solid deals and projects for his clients.

Private engagements consist of volunteering at his church and in 2016 he started providing on the ground logistical support to his wife’s educational work in refugee camps in the South Sahel region of Africa.

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  • Customized Plans for Each Client
  • 75 Years of Combined Experience
  • Extensive Knowledge of the Market
  • Intelligent, Professional & Energetic Insights

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